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Pasta Prima sources both energy and packaging material from Mother Nature!  Our new Organic and Gluten Free line is available in renewable packaging, which is 80% plant-based. 

What does renewable mean? 

Plants can be grown again so supplies can be “renewed.”    

Most products use plastic packaging made from petroleum, a  non-renewable resource.  Petroleum was created by environmental conditions that took millions of years to complete.  

Our new Organic and Gluten Free line is designed for health conscious consumers.  It makes sense to our family to wrap them in an environmentally responsible way.  

Compared to its petroleum-based counterparts, Pasta Prima’s renewable packaging requires less energy to manufacture and its production generates less greenhouse gas.  Corn, its main ingredient, is grown in the United States. Our family believes in supporting American jobs and reducing waste. The plant-based plastic we use breaks down faster after use.  Oil-based plastics can take over 1000 years to decompose.  

Our family wants to protect the environment for our next generation and yours.  We source natural and organic ingredients, seek local producers, generate solar power, and buy carbon offsets.   Join us on our quest to reduce our carbon footprint!