Made in the USA, Pasta Prima has been hand-crafting gourmet ravioli recipes since 1992. Our goal is bring the best quality pasta products from our kitchen to yours - with the same ingredients that you would have carefully selected at your local market. We start with ingredients like diced white meat chicken breast, European-grind semolina, fresh whole eggs, and fresh-cut vegetables that are blanched and individually quick-frozen to preserve freshness and nutrients. Each of our Pasta Prima products is generously filled and produced in small batches. You can taste the difference of a family touch.

100% Natural

Here is what we mean by natural: ingredients you recognize, nutritious foods, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no fancy processing. Our kitchen cooks over ten 100% Natural recipes.

Organic and Gluten Free

We have expanded our kitchen to include two gluten free and three organic ravioli flavors. We listened to your feedback! Try our new and exciting gluten free pastas - almost revolutionary! They have the same taste and texture of a wheat pasta, without any gluten! The flour we use is made from rice and corn for those avoiding wheat, or who just want to take a break from it. If you can eat wheat, try our delicious new organic line. Both of these lines come in renewable packaging: plant-based plastic.


Our first recipe - created over 19 years ago and counting. Simply the best and most popular Spinach and Mozzarella Ravioli there is! Crafted with care and green energy. Like all our products, we only use 100% Natural ingredients: no preservatives, nothing artificial, no unidentified "flavoring."