Pasta Prima

Our Family of Products with a Family Touch

Pasta Prima is a family-owned producer of gourmet pastas & sauces with a mission to create healthful, 100% natural and convenient foods for you to enjoy. Located near the renowned Napa Valley in California, we are inspired by the region’s rich history of fresh and local produce, gourmet cuisine, and fine wines.

Our family started making fresh pasta in 1984 and is still involved with the business today – but admittedly with a lot more help! We share the same hand-crafted, 100% natural, and gourmet quality values that we started with over 20 years ago. We are proud to say we are American owned and all of our products are Made in the USA!

We are strongly committed to producing delicious products that are not only 100% natural, but also produced with a light environmental footprint. All our products you find today – many millions of pounds per year – are all made with green energy. 100% renewable! Any food or materials that we cannot use in production are recycled offsite.

Pasta Prima started with a handful of gourmet ravioli products and has grown into an entire line of fresh ravioli and tortellini, including new gluten-free and organic options. Please enjoy the products from our kitchen which can be found at a number of retail and club locations nationwide.

Featured Recipes

Inspired Meals At Your Own Table

Organic Spinach & Cheese Ravioli with Lemon Thyme Chicken

Garden Ravioli Salad

Organic Portobello Mushroom Ravioli with Asparagus & Sherry Cream Sauce


Made with Green Energy

Creating Healthy Foods in a Healthy Way

At Pasta Prima, we generate over a third of our annual electrical needs from our own solar panels. Our investment in solar energy will prevent the release of 1.1 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in its first year alone. That is the equivalent of removing 94 cars from the road. We offset the rest of our electrical use with certified renewable energy. That’s why our packages now carry the Green-e symbol. It means that 100% of the electricity used to manufacture this product is offset with the purchase and on-site generation of certified renewable energy.

Our solar partner is Stellar Energy GP, Inc. They installed our 483 kilowatt system, consisting of more than 2,100 solar panels. Our roof is now an endless sea of solar panels. More precisely they stretch for nearly 84,000 square feet.

It is not physically possible to route wind energy to our sites. Instead, we pay extra for our electricity to make sure that our energy is 100% renewable. With this money, Benton County Wind Farm in Indiana delivers extra power to the power grid, equal to the remaining two thirds of our electrical needs. That’s the energy we need above and beyond what our rooftop solar panels provide. In Benton County, wind turbines tower above farms that harvest beans and corn along with the wind. Our family is very happy to support this amazing energy source. We are investigating other ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Learn about our renewable packaging and check back here for updates!

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