Pasta Prima

Our Family of Products, Crafted with Care

Pasta Prima is a family-owned producer of gourmet meals with a mission to create healthful and convenient foods for everyone to enjoy.

Located near the renowned Napa Valley in California, we are inspired by the region’s rich history of fresh local produce, gourmet cuisine, and fine wines. Our family started making fresh pasta in 1984 and is still involved with the business today – but admittedly with a lot more help! We still hold the same values of high-quality, hand-crafted meals that we began with over 30 years ago. We are proud to say we are American owned and all of our products are made in the USA!

We are strongly committed to producing delicious meals, produced with a light environmental footprint. All our products found today – many millions of pounds per year – are all made with 100% renewable energy!

Pasta Prima started with one gourmet ravioli product and has grown into an entire line of fresh ravioli, tortellini, and refrigerated meals.

Featured Recipes

Gourmet Recipes from our Family’s Cookbook

We want you to have peace of mind in knowing the meals you serve are made with quality and care. We develop our recipes with Grandma’s cupboard in mind; using ingredients that everyone knows, can be found easily, and always fresh.

Our cookbook is always growing! If you don’t see a recipe that you like, check back later or email us with your favorite recipe and we will add it!

Made with Green Energy

Creating Healthy Foods in a Healthy Way

green energy

At Pasta Prima, we generate over a third of our annual electrical needs from our own solar panels. Our investment in solar energy prevents the release of over 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. That is the equivalent of removing 94 cars from the road. We offset the rest of our electrical needs by purchasing certified renewable energy credits.